If you are looking for more information on Queso y Vino & Catherine Reynolds, BIENVENIDOS!

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Since my official business website just launched this week: http://quesoyvino.net/ & doesn't have wines listed on it yet, I thought it important to provide some of my recent Queso y Vino newsletters that give a flavor of what I offer my customers... And a little bit of an introduction to what I do.

This is a "thoroughly modern - old fashioned" business. I believe in *authentic* wine & genuine customer service. I am proud that many of my customers have also become what I consider to be friends.


My wine is warehoused in the cellar of our house, kept at an ideal tempurature--(when I pulled bottles out this summer for delivery, they actually beaded up with condensation in the heat.)

As I do not have a physical store front there are two benefits to you as the consumer:

#1 I will bring the wine to you. I currently deliver within King County, & make occasional visits to the Portland area, or the San Juan Islands. As a bonus, this service is free for KING COUNTY residents if your order is $150 or more.

#2 My prices reflect honest markups & low overhead. I want you to be able to drink great wine, selected with care & often exemplifying a belief in tradition/terroir. I got into this business (after having served in the arts community for many years) because I have a love of great food & wine, and hope to pass that pleasure on to you as a customer while enhancing your lives. I wish I could welcome you into my store, but know I think of *you* each & every time I evaluate & taste a wine on your behalf. Tough job, right?