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What is the average charge for, say, an office group of 10 people?


Hi Carol,

Usually it's a per person price of $18 per person. As you can see, I use lots of quality seafood! I don't fill up with chicken... Artichoke hearts, giant butter beans, piquillo peppers, Spanish chorizo, mussels clams, heads on & off wild gulf prawns.
Feel free to give me a call at 205-518-1166!


mmmmmmmmmmmmMMMMMMMmmmmmmMMMMMMMmmmmmmMMMMMMGOODGODYSCATHERINEmmmmmYummmmm... Tom/Ms.G


Wow a comment off the page... whooeee - are we special or something? Love you Tom/MS.G

Lisa Johnson

That is a big paella!


I love making paellas in the big pan. The serving size is 50, but it feeds many more. Hopefully I'll get some catering gigs this summer.


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That is an Incredible looking paella. I could see the seafood before reading that you make it with that. Wish I could taste it. maybe one day the internet will let us do that too. :)


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