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The Teacher: Tom & Connie are Reunited

TLC: The Tom & Connie Update

Coming_to_san_juanI love ferries--the moment I step upon one, I feel like a different person--the vision of an island emerging on the distance fires off some ancient chain of neurons that say, "Rest, relax, retreat." With every trip I take to our lovely isles, I rebound to the heathered cliffs of Ireland & the stark beauty of northern coasts, the undulous arms of our west coast madronas with feathers of sunward bark, & the deep songs of frogs who send us to bed each evening at Tom & Connie's Green Hollow home.

It is with no coincidence that the people of Friday Harbor & beyond have responded with such  generosity of spirit, as these two people have made such a huge impact on my life & certainly yours. Their wisdom lead to holding out for a love that I have waited for all my life even if that meant marrying for the first time at 35. And boy, they were right on.

As close to a brush with death this has been, thay have brought us all back to life. Poets, feel free to send me your verse--I may even start a tandem website dedicated just to these guys. Keep the good thoughts flowing, as Tom said tonight, this experience has had a hundred-fold silver lining!    


John Rowe

Dear Catherine,
You're a poet too and an angel!
I can't thank you enough for your caring and thoughtfulness in creating the space on your blog to keep us all connected in support of our beloved friends Tom and Connie. Poets in the Bay Area are sending their love and well wishes. I will continue to share the link to your blog.
Yours Truly, John Rowe - Bay Area Poets Coalition

Jeanne Lupton

Dear Tom and Connie, you are in my thoughts. I am sending light and love and energy for your rapid, comfortable, and complete recovery and return to your life in Washington. Blessings and Love, Jeanne L.

jesse beagle

Dear Catherine,

I want to thank you for your beautiful site (of and in itself) generously providing the hub around which friends of Tom and Connie may gather for warmth
and to give hugs to two people we
love, drawn together in a pattern, a web of lacy moss clinging to the water's edge,
undulating in prayer,
beautiful in design.

amy wynn

Tom and Connie,
Janet and I of the "Sisters of Who Knows What" here in Friday Harbor are sending you both light and love, good thoughts and words of encouragement. We'll make sure the April 20th poetry gig at the library goes on and welcome a few poetic words to share that night in support of you two--any one have a great Tom and Connie Haiku I could do? (send to wynn@rockisland.com so we can share them with the audience Friday Night at the Poetry Reading at San Juan Island Library)
Take care,
amy wynn

Mark States

Thanks Catherine for keeping all of us informed as Tom & Connie travel the road to recovery.

The gang at Poetry Express in Berkeley CA share their positive energy of healing, as several of our regulars have already posted comments, we saw Tom & Connie the night before they left for up north, Tom was so excited to show off his new book, smiling as a grandpappy holding grandchild for the first time.

It was a total shock to find out what happened, but know that even when down for the count physically, that Connie and Tom are inspirations to us all... and so obviously loved by so many people.

Mark States, Berkeley CA


Hi Mark,

It was wonderful to hear that you sent your love to me, as Tom said before pushing off for San Juan. He indeed was so proud of his award & the book, & now he needs help more than ever to get it out into the world!

Thank all your poetic souls for the support, & you have not heard the last word from Tom! In fact, I may need help from some of you, as Tom has sent me a raw copy of his experience--twelve pages--that needs editing. He wants to send it out to the Berkeley Daily Planet & the Oakland Trib, but requires some eyes.

Perhaps we can pool our resources... Hope to hear from you if you're game!

Congrats on your own recent successes & hope to see you again,


Catherine, You rock. I hope I get to be in your presence again. Love you Tom and Connie!!!

River Malcolm

Catherine, Thanks so much for providing this node for all the love and light that friends of Tom and Connie are gathering to send to their recovery. The reading at San Juan Library went well last night, it was great to hear two poems from Tom about this experience and to spend some silent time sending our love to speed and support Connie's total recovery. May their years of hospitality, warmth, and community-making reverberate in all our hearts as they return to them multiplied. I am honored to participate in this web of caring. River


Dear River,

So glad to know that the reading went well & that Tom's poems were heard--did Ian share the one I sent him as well as the person who was gathering haiku's?

This week it has been really tough to get in touch with Tom--his line is often busy & I have had a lot of evening commitments after work this week. I will keep trying him until I get through tomorrow to tell him about the reading.

Is there any way I could get any of the haiku's that were written for T & C? I'm sure Tom would love to hear them!

Best, Catherine

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