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March 10, 2010



Oh my what a list of lovely lines, er, wines; and you're back with gusto. Hope you're not freezing down there in the upper elevations.
We're keeping the fires lit and the little woman is getting her stuff together for her demo at the library - Indian Wedge E Tarian.

Good luck on your meal this evening, Tom/Ms.G


Thank you dear islanders & family! The meal tonight was simply amazing, great time had by all. Wish you could have joined us, & good luck to the chef on her next teaching adventure. We'll have to go to Punjab Sweets together sometime for Indian veggie lunch on one of your future visits. Even better than Pabla in Renton, & the sweets are jewel-like. We went there last to make a thali-box, our favorite present for friends with newborns.
Man, I could really go for an evening in front of the woodstove. What did the cold snap do to the peepers? I heard the frogs were singing on Lopez a week or so ago... Love that time of year & their magic chorus.
Hope to see you on the islands soon or back here for some city time together!

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