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November 05, 2008



I can't believe you went and ate Korean food WITHOUT ME!!! I guess I can forgive you if you promise to take me with you next time...

ms. proust

Let's go!!! You would absolutely love our friends Kye & Eric. Next time, I will be dialing your number...

Ms. G

Well Dear as you know we're bound by deep water on all sides with an expensive 3 hour all told ferry keeping us secure - islands may be romantic but they suffer in connectedness. Too much of a good thing interiorly and no where near enough at remove.
So when you come, remember, Lynnwood (is there wood in Lynn?) is on the way and you might bring something to set off our blandified tastebuds.
This "tour" of yours is magnificent. Inspired does not begin to touch the down home folksy, interpersonal warm, and food loving connection you manage to invoke through this entry's writing.

"My Little Pony" decor aside. And aren't they just...

All our love, stringless and infinite, Ms.G

ms. proust

Ms. G,

What a splendid idea! We'll have to put some wiggle room in our schedule so we can stop by Pal-Do on our way to the ferry... I don't know how well sauced fried chicken holds up on the road, so maybe we could get some on the side.

Think Ken has ideas about going to Christina's on Friday night, so I'll have to check the ferry schedule to fill you in on our ETA. Looking so forward to our visit!


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