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October 28, 2008



Chiang's is just around the corner from us, and while we've always enjoyed what we've had (like the pan-fried noodles), we haven't had the privilege of eating there with someone in the know. (And you're right that there are two sets of menus - fortunately, we were allowed to order from the authentic one!) We're looking forward to going back and trying some of the dishes you mention.

ms. proust

Hi Eric,

Well let's make a date to retest the favorites & order some new dishes! I really do wonder what "green beans sheets" are...

Happy travels! -C

Ms. G

Yoooouuu Whoooo - Happy Hallow Een and lots of orange and black in your windows -
meanwhile all that Chinese food you've been talking about has got us all jazzed up to the point we'd like to cozy up with some chopsticks and dishes among the two of you.

Too bad! We'll have to stay here with Chef C and eat on our laps.

Great reviews ma petite Ms. G

ms. proust

Hey Ms. G,

We are dying to take you & Chef C around to some of these new finds... I hope you're able to hop off the island one of these days!

Looking forward to visiting you in November.

The J Man

I've been all kinds of impressed with this place. Recently I had a few dishes, though, that are less mindblowing. The "hot and spicy lamb with cumin" is 90% cumin, 8% lamb, and 2% hot and spicy. Very cloying. The shredded beef in a Szechuan garlic sauce is more bland than the name would suggest (to punish those who order from the Americanized menu, maybe).

So if you're going to get a shredded beef item, get the hot and spicy beef from the traditional menu. Also the string beans in wasabi with sausage, for your veggie fix, are unbeatable (so far). The spicy scallops are addictive, and for a main course, I've yet to find anything better than the chicken with basil in a casserole. WOW! Totally rekindled my long flagging interest in Chinese food, it did.

The J Man

Oh, and BEWARE the odor tofu. At one point the waitress walked by and I thought she'd committed a gastric faux pas, but in fact it was just the aptly named bean curd.

ms. proust

Hey J Man,

Thanks for all your tips! I will definitely be trying the "unbeatable" chicken & basil combo next time. Have you ever been to the Chiang's in Renton?


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