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March 25, 2008



Vacation does wonders for your writing! Ah...C...I wish I could have been there. Sounds spectacular!

ms. proust

Vacation does wonders for *everything*. Except for a fridge full of moldy leftovers which is what I've had to contend with upon my arrival back home. Fortunately Ken counter-balanced that with flowers to welcome me home.

I wish you could have been there too... I cried as I packed up the car, but cut some daffodils so I could bring a little of Green Hollow with me. Hopefully I can carry that peaceful place inside of me.

Looking forward to talking about our blogger get together! Hey, & are you free for some Korean food this Saturday night? I'm in need of a celebratory dinner.

Love ya,


thanks for this post, great job describing this place. we had a sim experience up there last summer. Apparently they deliver to a number of restaurants down here on a weekly basis, though I have yet to see the wescott bays on a menu.

ms. proust

Thanks for your comment Paul. Yeah, funny, I've never seen Westcott's on a menu either. Maybe the all get shipped to the east coast.

It's taken me a long time to get into oysters, but the Westcott varieties were perfectly-sized (I hate when you have to chew them,) with a silky texture & such a delicate flavor. Parfait! I'm a convert...

tom o

Dear Oyster Fan: When dining in Friday Harbor, Friday Harbor House routinely features Westcott Bay Oysters as an appetizer. King's Market on the main drag, Spring St., also sells in their seafood section.
We have had Westcott Oysters at McCormick and Schmidts in Berkeley and possibly Seattle. Their mussels too, but we can't pin down the exact restaurant. Gorsh we ought to start keeping "meal notes" with "food pix". But why bother when we have your fabulous, entertaining reports from the food front.

holy land tours

You have found the perfect place for the mollusks. I visited Westcott Bay Sea Farms last year and the mollusks that I ate were the best. It is very recommended to plan a vacation there.

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