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January 07, 2008



The wrighting is magnifique mais trez plein de work. But then you're young yet!
Love you bunches ma dulce femme

ms. proust

What kind of crazy French are you talkin', G.? I put some of it through an online translator & it went nutso. You might have to sprechen Deutsch to have a better shot of me understanding your little jokes...

Thanks for being my trusted reader. Does anybody else read this thing?


girl, you totally made me crave the dish again, it was so great! I made spaguetti squash macaroni and cheese because you got me on a mac and cheese craving high.


yes, it was stupendous mac and cheese- reminded me of the hot dogs in mac and cheese from my childhood, though updated and elegant

ms. proust


Spaghetti squash mac n' cheese? Yowza! Now that's different combination, & probably a healthier one at that. Do you have a recipe to share?

Mr. Redman,

It was a pleasure to me youse guys & talk food & real estate! I didn't know that you had actually butchered the pig that you made the pate with--that's awesome.

I'm completely inspired by the whole locavore thing & dream of owning a shop that's devoted to that theme... If so, I'll be calling you to sell us some pork goodies!

savvysavorer/frantic foodie

no recipe yet................. but soon

Chanel Handbags

God i love the spain cuisine, they have any kind of good healthy food, i'm specially delighted with they paella and all kinds of seafood dishes!!


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