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December 28, 2007



Holy hell woman! I'm drooling over here!!! Note to self: Must make a trip to NYC soon. Mmm....until then, thanks for the visual fix. :)~


Got yer cell Fone numero and will call soon - just back from AmeriKa and Edison - where we got Torta Rustica - mama mia - and a Turkey San to go - at Chelan's Farm to Market Bakery where we talked to Chelan a bit then swooped up to Slough Foods and picked up some Mole Salami and Proscuitto to tide us thru Jan.
You know if you keep up with these reports from the mouthwatering gourmandy people may well begin to "talk".
I'm quite content - but want to see you up close and personal before we head South. We have train tickets leaving the 1st of Feb. Anne is flying up and will be driving our Blue Soob south and dropping us off at the Station... get yer ticket at the station for the Shasta Daylight.
There's a Poetry Read at the Library on Jan 25th - we also have Reads in April, Late June, late Sept., mid November, etc. Love you my sweetling and your fine photographer - yes, we know that's not all he's good at.


ms. proust

Hi Tom,

So glad you got a chance to enjoy the blog & a trip to Slough Foods. Who would have thunk you could get Salumi in Edison? Wow, thanks for the tip about the Torta Rustica! We always pay a visit to the Bread Farm when we're in the neighborhood but have not made it to Farm to Market Bakery... Is the Rustica worth a trip? I have recipes for it in some of my new x-mas cookbooks & want to give it a try. We'll be seeing you soon--can't wait!


So glad you had some free time to catch up with Madeleine. I meant to send you an email saying how sorry I was to hear about your stolen computer--WHAT A BUMMER!!! I saw a friend of yours at Span Tab (one of the ladies from the night at Tavolata) & she told me that your blog was taking a new direction. Really liked your walking tour of Seattle & it inspired me to do some photo-journalistic entries myself, like this one.

I just listened to your phone message & yes, let's please get together in person! Would love to see you soon now that the retail holiday madness is over.

As always, thanks for the comments--they make my day & push me forward!


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