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December 03, 2007


The Chef In The Hat!!!

Fabulous review of Txori - I also enjoyed it tremendously. It is so urban it feels like a small spot in NYC.


Thanks so much for checking out my blog, Thierry (& even more so for commenting!)

For those of you don't know, Rover's chef in the hat has his OWN blog now: http://thechefinthehat.blog.com/

Just don't be too alarmed at the sight of bloody chickens--this is an insider's view!


WELL! YOUVE Sirtainly pulled the Son Gout out of our Island ambience - this sounds, how you say, Trez Tasty! And even with the undersdone lighting, the pix inspire. Perhaps we can conspire to Restaurant Trawl avec vous amid these offerings... but, sweet sorrow we are trapped under variable skies...

Love you well and truly, MS. G

ms. proust

Ken & I will just have to come & cook up our own batch of tapas for you on that isle of yours. Last night we had Madrid-style meatballs with Catalan spinach & raisins--oh MAN. They were so good I can hardly wait to eat them again tonight.
Unfortunately I opened my big mouth up in the midst of cooking & invited a friend over to help us finish them off tonight. If only I'd known how good they'd turn out, I would have kept them all to ourselves!!!
Love you both, & am hoping to squeeze in a visit this month.


Ahhhh Bon! We of the "back of beyond" school of cuizeene can uze all the help we can curry from such magnifique chefs as you two. Recently we had Laksa Thai chez nous - to be precise last Sunday - we added the fish sauce to each bowl as we had a Vegan in attendence.
Right now we are dressed up and ready to brain burn the Calogero Partygoers some of whom have been trying to figure out what We (Ms. G et al) will be wearing. Well, we took some pix so we can share with you. But, it's different!
"Keep 'em guessing but keep 'em!" we say.
You coming up here sounds more perfect than any xmas/new year gift we can dream of for ourselves.

Love you, and hope squeezing in is a real possibility.

Ms. G

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