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April 07, 2007


jill trear

About Tom and Connie, you must be a beautiful person yourself, as they are. Thank you for expressing so many of my own heartfelt feelings. Jill


Hi Jill,

Is the same Jill that I've met at the gallery, by chance? Thank you for connecting with me. Yesterday was a sad & lonely day for me... Tom can only handle one phone call a day, so it's a lot of sitting around and waiting for more news.

The magnificent word today was that Connie actually is starting to respond. She's able to wiggle her foot in response to questions & Tom is writing tons of gorgeous poetry for his reunion with her tomorrow.

I'm hoping to fly down & visit them, but it's been too tenuous of a situation for the last week. I'm hoping that Tom manages to pass his strength onto Connie--his recovery has been a true miracle.

Thanks again for your support!

Love, Catherine

sally hawkins

Who ever is the one person to call Tom on any given day. . .please express my love and concern and ongoing thoughts for both Tom and Connie. What a terrible tragedy. All my strength to both. sally hawkins


I was happy to be sent this blog and learn more about Tom & Connie's condition. These 2 wonderful people have been an key part of my life for many years. I hope all the energy and love we are sending her way is helping her with her healing.All my love to both, Ruth Offen


Hello Sally & Ruth,

Sally, were you the person Tom shared the Speed Queen (his boat)? I feel like your name is familiar... I will give Tom your message & thank you so much for sending your love!

Ruth, we've met many times at Waterworks & am so glad to hear from you. When Ian saw my blog, he called me at work to get more details & told me that there were many people close to Connie & Tom that had just learned of their accident, including you. I have been thinking of you, as it was a great shock of grief to take this all in... But know that today I felt a renewed sense of hope for Connie's outcome, after a dismal sense of things yesterday.

Ken & I truly believe that the love that is being sent her way is making a difference. What a wonderful community you have on San Juan! I will pass your thoughts on...

Take care, Catherine


Hi Catherine, I was awake most of the night sending Connie loving wishe, Tom as well, but I am happy to know that he is mending well. I could tell when I talked to him that he could handle very little, but please pass my love on to both of them. I am overjoyed to know that Connie is responding. I love them both so much. Dr. Earnhart is sending the things Tom requested, if you could pass that on, if he doesn't know already. Thank you so much and if there is anything I can do or any changes in situations pleas let me know. Be well, Jill


And yes, I am the Jill you met at the gallery. I'm so grateful you are there for them. Again, be well, Jill


Hi Jill,

I had a feeling it was you... I plan on calling after I get off work today since I want to speak with Tom after he has had a chance to see Connie. Hopefully he will be up for it. I will definitely pass your messages along, & keep you in the loop.

Take care, Catherine


HI Catherine, Would it be possible for me to have your e-mail address? Is there any update? Hopefully, Jill


Hi Jill,

Of course you can have my email. It's lorcagirl@aol.com I normally don't check that address as often as my work oone, but I am making sure to stay pretty on top of it under the circumstances.

Just tried to reach Tom, but the line was busy. Tom is in Redding now, staying at the hospitality suite at the hospital. His niece Dawn told me that Connie is still unconscious under heavy meds, but the prognosis was good. From what I hear, I think the easy part for Tom was getting himself well, but he may need more support working through Connie's healing process.

I'll see how he's feeling & let you know if there's anything all of us can do to help! Sometimes that hardest part of these things is the helplessness we feel when we want to give our support & we're not physically there...

Thanks for your connectedness!

Love, Catherine

Jaime Ellsworth

Hello Catherine, I am a friend of Connie's and Tom's and just wanted to ask if you would give them my love and best wishes for a fast recovery. I just heard about the accident today and am so saddened such an awful thing could have happened to such dear people. Many of us here will be sending healing and loving thoughts their way! Thanks, Jaime Ellsworth


Hello Jaime,

I will certainly relay your message... It's wonderful to see how much support Tom & Connie have--I never thought my blog would reach so many people.

I guess all we can do is keep thinking of them & hope that Connie is able to recover the way Tom has. While I know there are a lot of unknowns out there, I can only believe that this out-pouring is helping the healing process.

Tom told me to say that he feels like he's sitting on top of a volcano of support!

Take care, Catherine


Hi Jill. We may have met on the Island. I was a visiting, guest poet a few years ago and Tom and Connie welcomed me with open arms and enabled me to have one of the best experiences of my life! Considering the times for me, perhaps a life saving experience. So I definitely want Tom and Connie to know they are in my prayers and well wishes, and I can not think of another couple more representative of being salt of the earth people. Thanks for keeping us informed and in touch.



Hi Catherine, I left a message on your e-mail. How are things going, I would love an update!!! I dream about Connie all the time. Sweet dreams. Love to them and thanks so much to you, Jill


Hi Paradise, Actually it's Catherine who is keeping us all informed, and bless her and thank her for that. I hope we did meet for we all all part of the extended family that is Connie and Tom. Be well, Jill


Hi Jill,

I am sorry to be out of contact with you...
I had no idea when I started the blog that there would be such a huge & wonderful response. It has become a full-time after work job keeping up with it!

I did write a new blog last night with an update as things are remaining stable with Connie & she is now able to respond "from the nose up" with facial expressions & I believe both her feet have been responding to stimulus. This is good news, but it looks like it will be a long recovery with a lot of unknown's still out there.

Tom is doing well, keeping himself busy with writing & spending time with Connie. Ann was up this weekend from the Bay area visiting with both... He is now staying at Mercy Hospital Redding & was going out for some Thai food--probably a much needed break from the cafeteria, even though he says it's really good as far as things go :)

I also posted Storm's email address (cavewemoon@yahoo.com) at Tom's request. He knows there are folks on the island who are wanting to help in whatever way they can. Tom said there are projects at their place that need taking care of since they will not be back in the near future, & it's more than Storm can do by himself. As well as the ongoing thoughts & prayers for them both, there are definitely some practical ways that people can lend a hand to help those guys out. Maybe you can help rally that support! I wonder if the San Juan Update might post Storm's email so folks know there's something they can do until T & C are able to return. Maybe you could ask?

Read the last blog & call Tom--he's a little hard to get a hold of because he can't call out, but I'm sure he'd love to talk with you!

I'm doing well although a little tired, feeling much stronger & more positive as things go. Keep up your dreaming--maybe I will focus on trying to visit with our two loved ones that way too. That's a wonderful talent you possess!

Thank you for everything,


Hi Catherine, Talked to Tom for quite awhile last night. I left you another message on your e-mail. Our beloveds need all the good energy we can send their way. Thanks and hope you have rested up. Jill


It was a heartwarming story. Im proud of you guys for being nice.

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