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January 15, 2007



Hi Ms. Proust
not only in but FROM Spain, so feel free to pick my brain for local knowledge, dining suggestions or anything not wine related.am abysmally ignorant but happy to learn by trial
thanks for the visit.


Good that you survived the winter . . . so far! Now that you're into this Italian thing and I'm selling Italian wines, I'll have to slip you a bottle or two now and then.


Sounds great, Art. Hope that your wine ventures are treating you well. By all means, I'm up for tasting Italian wine. It's an old theory I suppose, but pairing food & wine from similar regions is usually a winning proposition.

And I'm going to take you up on your advice & write more about wine this year. I've got a black moleskine notebook ready to take notes at home & when I'm galavanting about. Look forward to your thoughts & as always, thank you for commenting!


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