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January 01, 2007



Bring on the Ken and Catherine show!!! And if Ken manages to slip in the lamb recipe from that now defunct restaurant...I'll be deliriously happy. ;)

Happy New Year to you both...I look forward to reading about your adventures in the year ahead.


Happy New Year to you, Traca!

I need to check up on your blogging adventures. I feel ramped up to get more serious about blogging this year, but more importantly, get back to the writing life. I figured getting Ken involved instead of having to choose between the two would be a good way to do it. And now Ken might have his first assignment!


Hey there lady...I adore your writing...whenever you have time to do it!

And I'm doing a little catch up on your blog as well...

Please keep me in mind for the 2007 Fiesta Mexicana!!! Sounds like a blast!

I'll look forward to your new (and reported) adventures. With any luck, maybe we'll have a few together. :)



Yes, let's team up! I went to El Quetzal & ate a torta without feeling queezy because Ken had a Mexican craving... So that's an option again.

This is our "Italian year" we've decided in terms of culinary theme at home, but my new favorite spot is Buddha Ruksa. Can't wait to go back & it would be fun to go with friends & try out more of their menu. Thai with a good wine list? Amen!

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