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October 23, 2006



Wonderful stuff -- thanks for sharing your adventures, experiences, and observations of a beautiful place. It's hard to believe that we "need" a fence to divide us from this neighbor.


Thanks for staying faithful & checking up on our adventures... I'm hoping your comment will be republished as it looks like it was erased when I revised the post.

It was shocking to read stats that said the second source of Mexican income for most citizens was income family members in from the US... I know you're supposed to "talk people down" when buying handicrafts, etc, but I just can't see doing it when I'm being afforded such luxury at half the price of a trip to Spain.

At first I wondered why I hadn't gone to the beach like most folks, but now I'm so glad I didn't this time around. San Miguel has a weird reputation becuase of the the large expat community there, but trust me, you can find "the real Mexico" if you take advantage of everything it has to offer...


I love these posts! I'm ready to book a flight...and that room right now! I know it's tough to get all this stuff uploaded once you're back from vacation...thanks for taking the time. Love, love, love it!


Thanks so much... When you know people are reading (especially commenting), it inspires me to blog more. I think I need that maid we had in Mexico to keep up with the house so I can blog to our heart's content! I have to say that it feels so good to write again... Can't wait to hear more about your adventures!!!

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