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April 15, 2006



Well you shure got the pix to prove your prose and maybe you need to byline the pix-taker... Gangling? Definitely one of those words that makes me go hmmm but then poetic lie-sense is always invokable, heh, heh.
And let me say it was a real treat to be the "we" in your review. The wife and I were well pleased and full filled by all the treats we had there and that you presented both at home and abroad.

I hope your readers continue to read and comment 'cause we all know that comments make the browsers groove and google.

Looking forward to more food news from the passionate gourmand, yourself, and your spiffy pix taker. BYB - perhaps some antihistamines are in order if you're really cutting grass on Sunday.

Blog soon... Ms. G


Hey G,
Yes I think I need to credit Ken somewhere for his fantastic photo-taking. Maybe on my "About" page.
We sure do enjoy your visits... Tonight I had a non-blogged spontaneous dinner with a couple friends at Seven Stars Pepper, an outrageous Szechuan place I can't wait to take you next. Ken is in your parts so to speak, doing a tasting for some high-rollers at a casino north of B'ham. He looked awfully cute trying on his suit last night.
As for lawn-mowing, it went far better than expected, allergies & all. No need for a professional, just our own lawnmower as we can't have friends carting theirs over every weekend. Actually made us feel like we owned the house a little bit more & feel proud about finding such a gem.
Can't wait to have a getaway at Green Hollow, hopefully sooner rather than later!

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