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April 27, 2006



My dearest gourmand - what a transport of mixed messages - qu'est-ce que c'est que ca? It sounds too dear(as in $$), precious, quixotic, egoistic, und self-portentous even as you manage to slip and slide the exotic/vinous slyness of the place into a maybe rave and maybe not review.
Feedback? Indeed, but leave us not get to close to the pan...
All the same you're poetic prose makes me want to try the place if only to find out if my feminine wiles might turn this doorman's other cheek...

Love and kisses, Ms. G


Just read you're back-response to Green Leaf - and yes - sezchuan sounds delightful... living as we do out here in the fringes with only Sysco and Food Corp as the under belly suppliers for haute cuisine - oh yes and the occasional farmers market local produce a little island lamb or lopez beef but somehow the prices are astronomique and the food less than above average... which is not to say that we don't have grand food at chez moi et Connie's.
Glad to hear you overcame you're fears and are now mowers and soon enough waterers - the two often overlooked drudgeries of house pride. I'm always tickled to think of Ken trying on ensembles... it warms my hormones - and such a gallante
You are trez lucky... but then so is he...

Ms. G


I've been tempted, on more than one occasion, to give Elemental a try. But, with so many outstanding restaurants in Seattle, why go through the potential pain? Perhaps, it's worth it. But, I have to admit, I haven't found the right mood yet to inspire me to turn up at the door...


Hey Ms. G,
Reviewing is a slippery slope, yes. I wanted to love this place as much as others do, but when you're eating restaurant-style food at home it's hard to fork out $40 if you don't appreciate the atmosphere or the service.
Then again, with how my muscles feel today after taking the hoe to all the grass, weeds, & ivy that was growing in our new garden plot, I don't think I could chop a single vegetable tonight. I'd almost gladly throw down some cash to have someone do it for me, except I made a big delicious pot of Caldo Verde last night that easily refed this peasant's appetite.
Glad you liked the Green Light feature, stay tuned for a dim sum blog this week!


So good to hear from you... I must say I envy your blogging tenacity. Sure do love reading & ogling your photos.
Yeah, as for Elemental, there are too many other places that I'd choose to explore rather than going back for more "abuse". I'd love to check out Cremant & wonder how busy they are these days after the hype.
What's on top of your list these days & are there any more blog meet-ups scheduled? Saw Orangette is engaged to a reader/foodie with nearly 200 well-wishers! Crazy, this blogging thing is...but fun.


Looks like there was a foodie gathering back mid-April, but I didn't see the announcement until two days before, and I was out of town. Haven't heard of another yet, but my guess is that there should be one coming. Perhaps we should get the ball rolling ourselves?


I'm all for spearheading another event with you... I only found out about the one where we met by chance in checking out iheartbacon's site, but perhaps there's a better way to send out the word more directly to the food blog community. I'm totally impressed by your site & your readership.
Let me know how I can help! Would love the chance to talk again in person about the writing life...

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